MI-NET Meeting

MI-NET Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Mathematics of Industry Network (MI-NET) is also taking place in Limassol, Cyprus, at the Cyprus University of Technology on the morning of the 5th of December 2016, with experts from 31 countries. Dr Filipa Vance, the MI-NET Project Manager/Grant Holder, is managing the participation of MI-NET members to the Annual Meeting and she is sending out the invitations. For more information please contact MI-NET@bath.ac.uk

Immediately after the Annual MI-NET Meeting the 125th ESGI will start at the Cyprus University of Technology (i.e. at the same venue). If you are an MI-NET member and you would like to participate in the 125th ESGI you have to ALSO register with us using the online registration form on this website. After we receive your online registration please wait for an email confirming your participation to the 125th ESGI before making travel and accommodation arrangements. We have to give priority to those that can stay throughout the whole week (due to the teamwork nature of the Study Group) and we are aiming for a mix for seniority levels (PhD student to Professor), and areas of expertise. (The Study Group starts at 11am on Monday the 5th of December and ends at 2:45pm on Friday the 9th of December).