Problems & Results

The problems/challenges to be tackled during the workshop are being selected by the Organising Team in consultation with the Scientific Board. We are aiming for challenges from diverse sectors, and in need of a variety of mathematical methodologies. Non-profit organisations, companies and governmental units can submit their problems/challenges here.

Four challenges will be chosen and each one will be presented by a representative of the organization on the 3rd of December 2018 with a 30-minute presentation. More information is then given to the team who will work on each challenge during the week. The last day the researchers present their results to the organisations. Within two months after the end of the workshop they also deliver these results as a report to the company/organisation. The reports will also be uploaded below.

Problems already tackled in other Study Groups around the world can be found at the international Study Group website. Problems descriptions and the reports delivered to the companies after the 1st Study Group in Cyprus (ESGI125)  can be found here.