INFORMATION for organisations that may submit a challenge

Why participate in a Study Group workshop? Study Groups provide a convenient, low-­risk, low-­cost and high‐gain method for accessing academic expertise. If you are a non-profit organisation, company or governmental unit bring us your challenge to work on. You will have a team of bright people thinking, structuring and working on a solution of your problem, continuously for a week. You also get a written report with all results within 2-3 months after the Study Group. The Study Group is as a great catalytic mechanism for launching long-term collaborations between academics and organisations outside academia which can take various forms (joint funding proposals to EU and local research grants, joint MSc and PhD projects, consulting agreements etc.)

Who can present a problem/challenge? Non-academic organisations from different sectors (non-profit organisations/companies/government) are eligible for proposing a problem.

What type of problem/challenge?  Essentially, almost any problem that can benefit from a structured, quantitative approach can be presented at the Study Group. As necessary, our team will work together with the company presenting the problem before the Study Group so that the problem is presented in an appropriate format. Any confidentiality issues can be discussed prior to the Study Group with our team. Examples of problems/challenges from previous Study Groups and the resulting reports can be found at the international Maths in Industry website.

How can you participate?  Use the form below to submit your problem  and the details of a representative from your organisation for further communication.  The problems will be evaluated by the Local Organising Team in consultation with the Scientific Board (more communication and meetings with you may be needed to obtain clarifications and formulate the problem in an appropriate format). The selected problems will be announced on this website (see section “Problems”) at the end of October. A participation fee will be required for the selected problems (see below) but submission is free. The deadline of submission is the 24th of October 2018.

Participation Fees

  • 100 Euros for non-profit organisations
  • 1000 Euros for SMEs
  • 5000 Euros for large Companies

Testimonials from ESGI125

“The event has proved that high level mathematics can indeed be applicable to industrial problems and help companies move towards scientific and innovative solutions; solutions that are probably not achievable without the encompassing knowledge, expertise and dynamics of the expert Academics group”  Costas Sisamos, managing director of ENGINO TOY SYSTEMS

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