Who can participate? If you are a mathematical scientist (mathematician, physicist, computer scientist or engineer with a strong mathematical background) then you can join the Study Group as an academic participant and have a great experience working on a new challenge as part of a team.

Why participate? The overall aim is to enable and create longer-term collaborations between academics, businesses and the society; MSc and PhD projects, industrial funding, joint research proposals for local and EU funding, consulting agreements etc. This is also an excellent opportunity for young PhD-holders to get acquainted with companies and possibly secure a job offer. After the Study Group a report with the results is written by the academics and sent to the company, and frequently journal publications arise.

How can you participate?  Please fill in the registration form below.  Participation is free for researchers and all local expenses (accommodation and meals) are covered. We are aiming for a mix of senior and junior researchers and for a range of areas of mathematical expertise.  All participants are responsible for organising and funding their own travel to and from Nicosia and their local transport (some travel awards are available so please indicate if you would like to be considered). We need people who will be active team members during the whole duration of the workshop so we assume that participants will be present during the whole week. Otherwise,  if you have any date restrictions (or other information you would like to share) please let us know in the “Other information” space below. Please do not make any travel and accommodation bookings before receiving an email from the Organising Team accepting your participation (if you have your own funds you do no need to wait for confirmation from us). Deadline: 23rd November 2018.

UPDATE: 20 researchers from leading universities abroad have now registered. Limited places are still available for local researchers. We are going to give priority to faculty members and postdocs but PhD students are encouraged to apply till the 27th of November.

Testimonials from ESGI125

“This was a very successful meeting and the followup has been remarkable. I hope it will be the first of many”. – Dr Hilary Ockendon (Oxford University, academic participant).

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